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Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Radiography

We have multiple portable state of the art Digital Radiograph machines. Capable of imaging necks, skulls, backs, and legs. We can radiograph horses on site, where they are most comfortable. We are able to instantly send those images to referring veterinarians. We have two plates, which allow for large areas like the 










We have the most current state of the art portable ultrasound on the market. It has the most superior image quality as well as the largest screen available on a portable machine. It allows 2 probes at a time to capture images, allowing for a more accurate analysis of a soft tissue injury or to assist in cervical and sacral injections.

Diagnostic imaging often requires follow up scans and radiographs to monitor progression of healing.

Equine Digital Thermal Imaging 

The Digatherm thermal imaging camera can allow the veterinarian to detect issues early before clinical signs and before standard digital imaging. This can be a huge asset when the rider is feeling that the horse respond differently during training and competition. Standard digital radiographs and ultrasounds can be delayed in showing signs of an issue. This is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that can be a great tool in finding underlying behavioral problems based on discomfort. 

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