Lameness Exams and Therapies

Foot Care Management and Consultation

Our mission is to do what is best for the horse and the owner no matter what the horse's career may be.

Diagnostic Imaging
Veterinary Care
Podiatry Care


Navicular Syndrome

Coffin & Navicular Bone Fractures

Coffin Joint Synovitis

Navicular Bursitis

Pedal Osteitis

Septic Coffin Bone

White Line Disease


Deep Flexor Injuries

Collateral Ligament Injuries

Suspensory Ligament Injuries

Club Feet & Low Angle Feet

Angular Limb Deformities

Hoof Infections and Puncture Wounds

Hoof Capsule Distortion

Preventative Care

Lameness Diagnosis

Joint Therapies

Stem Cell Therapy

PRP & IRAP Therapies

Shock Wave Therapy

Individual Rehabilitation Plans

Pre-Purchase Exams


Alpha 2 - Orthobiologic Therapy 

Digital Radiology - Portable Units

Ultrasonography - Portable Units

Thermal Imaging - Portable Unit