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Podiatry Care

Laminitis due to Obesity/Overeating, Support Limb, Toxaemia, Trauma/Mechanical, Iatrogenic, Hormonal, and Stress

Navicular Syndrome at various stages can and will be treated differently with shoeing and possibly other therapies we offer.

Coffin & Navicular Bone Fractures from traumatic injuries

Coffin Joint Synovitis

Navicular Bursitis

Pedal Osteitis

Septic Coffin Bone

White Line Disease


Deep Flexor Injuries

Collateral Ligament Injuries

Suspensory Ligament Injuries

Club Feet & Low Angle Feet

Angular Limb Deformities

Hoof Infections and Puncture Wounds

Hoof Capsule Distortion

Preventative Care as well as helping align conformation when possible

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